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MICROBLADING is different from traditional cosmetic tattoo. The difference is a unique disposable hand-held tool. By customizing a measurement of your brows that is flattering to your face and features. I use a disposable hand-held tool, I  then manually inserts pigment with hair-like strokes one by one, resulting in natural and realistic eyebrow. You can also add Shading for a more filled-in/make-up look. (For an additional price)


WHAT TO EXPECT FOR THE BROWS  Immediately following your procedure and for the next few days, the brows will appear very dark and prominent. That is totally normal they will fade 30% to 50%. The area within 4-6 days may peel lightly or look flaky. PLEASE DO NOT PICK OR RUB/SCRATCH at the brow area during the healing process. Just tap the brows to release the itching sensation. After the area peels or/and flakes off the strokes and or powder/shading color will appear light and faded. This process is normal, the color will mostly reappear in about 2-3 weeks. If some of the strokes and color doesn't return fully, this is also normal. This is why touch-up is highly recommended within 8-10 weeks after initial procedure. Retention depends on after-care, skin quality, texture and lifestyle. Everyone's skin different. 

WHAT TO EXPECT FOR EYELINER  After your procedure, slight redness and irritation of the eye area should be expected. Depending on skin sensitivity, swelling of the area may persist. This can be remedied by applying clean ice pack or a bag of ice over the area in 10 minutes intervals. Keep the eye area clean from dirt and oils. And the process is pretty much the same as the brows. Peeling and itching will occur. Remember NO PICKING OR SCRATCHING on or around the eye area.  A touch up is all so highly recommended in 8-10 weeks after initial procedure. 


IS AFTER-CARE REALLY THAT IMPORTANT   YES. YES. YES. Following your after-care instructions will really help in the quality of retention, and minimize any infections that can occur.

WHAT BROW COLORS DO YOU HAVE  I can custom mix a pigment colors that best matches your natural brow hair, for a realistic natural look.

HOW LONG DOES MICROBLADING LAST  Typically anywhere from 1-2 years. Again it may varies depending on skin, lifestyle and care. Microblading doesn't last forever and will require touch-ups when pigment starts to fade. Eyeliners typically last longer 2-4 years.

DOES IT HURT   Before the procedure begins, a topical numbing cream is applied to the brow area to minimize discomfort. Some clients may feel a slight discomfort, since everyone's pain tolerance is different, but its relatively painless.

CAN I WORK OUT AFTER MY PROCEDURE  ABSOLUTELY NO SWEATING!!  As you raise your heart rate and sweat. The sweat can push the pigment out, resulting in poor pigment rentention.