After-Care Instructions for Microblading/Tattoo

*Please follow these instructions for up to 14 days after the procedure to improve and prolong the results of your Microblading Treatment.

DAY 1: Starting 30-60 mins after your appointment, carefully dab your brows every hour until bed time with a lightly dampened gauze using the sterile water provided. Right before bed, gently wash your brows using a small amount of Cetaphil or Dial antibacterial soap. Use room temperature water to lightly wet your brows. Pump a small amount of soap onto your finger tips and make suds., you should no longer feel the soap, just bubbles. Gently pat the bubbles on your brows for about 10 seconds. Splash rinse and pat dry with clean tissue. Wait 5 minutes and apply a small amount of aftercare ointment by lightly tapping it on your brows.

DAY 2-14: Continue washing your brows gently (patting motion, NOT rubbing) morning and night. If you have oily skin, use aftercare ointment only after washing. If you have normal to dry skin apply ointment throughout the day as needed, when brows feel dry. Do not over use aftercare ointment. Once healed after 12-14 days you may resume your usual skin care.

~Avoid wetting the eyebrows during the healing process. Apply some ointment before bathing as a barrier. If the procedure area or brows does get wet pat dry gently. Do not rub.

~Do not touch, rub, itch or scratch your eyebrows following treatment or during healing process. Just tap them to release the itch. ~Eyebrow tinting should not be undertaken for 2 weeks after your procedure.

~Avoid sweating for a full 10 days. Any physical activity/effort, gym, hot weather, anything that causes sweating through or on the brow will expel pigment from the dermis producing poor results.

~NO pools, saunas, steam rooms, contact with animals/pets, gardening or tanning beds (until area is completely healed 7-14 days) post procedure and after all touch-ups.

~Avoid excess sun exposure as this can cause the pigment to fade and can affect the healing process. Please consider using sunblock when going out into the sun to stop color/pigment from fading.

~Avoid sleeping on your face/brows for the first 10 days.

~No makeup,tinting of lashes or brows or/and daily skincare products directly on the eyebrows or procedure area. Retin-A, Chemical Peels, around the brow area for 2 weeks after the procedure. No Facials or Microdermabrasion for 4 weeks.

~If you are due to or are having an MRI scan please inform your doctor that you had Micro-blading/semi permanent makeup done. ~If you are due to give blood after the procedure; please inform your doctor or/and nurse about micro-blading treatment you had done as this might alter the results.

~If you experience any itching, swelling, blistering or any other complications post-procedure, stop using product and call your technician immediately. You may be allergic to the after care product you are using! 

~If you have any excessive redness, swelling, or tenderness or any red streaks going from the procedure site towards the heart, elevated body temperature, or purulent drainage from the procedure site, contact your physician as the area may be infected and you may need to seek medical care.

* Failure to follow the instructions may result in pigment color loss.

* All permanent make-up procedure is a two-step process.

* We suggest a yearly “Color Refresher” to maintain your procedure color integrity.

* Please Note: Eyebrows will appear darker and bolder due to the natural scabbing and healing process. This is very common for all permanent cosmetic procedures. 

*Make sure to schedule your 2nd session 8-10 weeks after your 1st initial procedure, which is included with the service.

*Anything during 10-12 weeks $150.00.

*Anything after 15 weeks is considered a full touch-up $300.00.